Offline address book in exchange 2016 not updating

In this guide, the relevant timings are explained and instructions are given in how you can directly force an update and resync, which can be very handy when troubleshooting or when you work in an Exchange environment which sees a lot of user mailbox mutations.This means that in the worst possible scenario, an update to the Address Book won’t become available to the user until 48 hours after the change.If a contact does not have an email address or fax number, the contact won't be listed in the Address Book.

Even though Outlook is the last in the chain, it is often the first level where the troubleshooting takes place as usually this is where the request is coming from. To change the default contacts folder in the Address book, open the Address book using the Address Book button on the ribbon or Ctrl Shift B then click on Tools, Options. You can't save contacts to it and it shouldn't be set to be the default folder when you open the Address book. For the version for Exchange 2007, click here: Offline Address Book Errors - Exchange 2007 With the introduction of cached mode in Outlook 2003 and higher, the Exchange offline address book has become more critical.This has caused a number of new issues to be seen, or old ones more regularly: If your updated entry is shown then the GAL on the Exchange is up to date.

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I thought maybe it was the application pool identity, so I created a new application pool called oab and moved the oab virtual directory to it, then assigned it to run as Local System, and SYSTEM has read access to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Exchange OAB\2a81e981-4355-47f0-99e0-ac7e15f197ae\ If I run the application pool as Network Service, when I try to directly access an LZX file or xml file within the Exchange OAB web directory, I get file not found 404...

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