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If the content is the value of the position in a seriation, then the surface might represent a prediction of chronological distribution over an area.

If the content represents presence in a cluster, then the surface might show the scope of each cluster.

Almost all color transparency films, color print papers and color negative films use a multilayer subtractive colour construction similar to that shown above.

The uppermost layer contains a yellow dye whose density is proportional to the amount of blue light, the middle layer has a magenta dye with density proportional to green light, and the lowermost layer contains a cyan dye with density proportional to the red light during exposure.

It is free of charge and may be freely distributed, installed and used.

BCal is an on-line Bayesian radiocarbon calibration tool hosted by the Department of Probability and Statistics at the University of Sheffield.

It is the goal of Air Photo to deal with this kind of image within the limits of the data and the financial limits of most archaeological institutions and private investigators by non-photogrammetrists.

Unlike commercial products, it has a zoom facility to permit examination of details in a displayed image.ARK the Archaeological Recording Kit is an opensource, standards compliant, web-delivered system for the creation, storage, manipulation and publication of archaeological data and media.Or in fewer words, it’s a system you can use to put your archaeological data on the web so that you can work on it and share it.The Arch Ed Program is a tool for drawing Harris matrices which are used in archaeology.Beside its ability to edit such drawings it also contains an automatic drawing feature which redraws a given graph nicely.

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All colour dyes have limited lifetimes since their molecules break down under the influence of temperature, light and reaction with adjacent materials in the layers in the film.

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