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When she started filming a year ago, the role must have seemed a bit of a stretch, but now the striking parallels to Goodrem's own life are increasingly apparent.

But as the storm of rumour and scandal grows, Goodrem seems more and more to be disappearing from view.

Her debut album had become the longest-running Australian No.

1 in chart history (it has now sold more than 2 million copies worldwide), pouring out hit after hit in a seemingly endless stream, until by year's end Goodrem had clocked up an unprecedented five top-selling singles.

Why is pretty blonde Kylie beloved and pretty blonde Delta despised? There’s a hate page dedicated to Goodrem on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. Marlon Wayans made fun of Goodrem’s dancing at a Jay-Z and Beyonce concert last year.

She has not given a major newspaper or magazine interview in almost a year (she cancelled interviews scheduled to promote her second album, Perhaps she hopes to weather the storm by simply remaining aloof.

"Lately I've realised there can be a lot of nastiness, and there can be a lot of things that really hurt, and that you feel like you've been completely exposed," she said in an interview with Channel 9's last Sunday.

It was a tale of talent, determination and seemingly inevitable triumph.

Since announcing at the age of eight that she wanted to be a singer and an actor, Goodrem had been relentless in her pursuit of the spotlight.

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