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Even though most of us know we’re not immortal, we tend to live as if we are.

We put things off figuring we’ll get at them “someday”.

In this case I wanted a saw I could recommend to anyone starting out without losing any of the emphasis on functionality and longevity.

If you did buy this saw you would have no need to upgrade to own a better working saw.

I wrote an article for a US mag when I was writing articles and explained the down sides of buying such saws but also suggested not disregarding them as a solid option for buying a new saw as an inexpensive option. The last blog article I did a few months back now was well received and of course I am sure S&J thought it was them that made the saw popular and the sudden spike was their strategy when in reality it was of course us.So, here comes another spike in sales even though I may not like their business model much at all.Fact is these saws do make excellent panel saws and are great to use, they are very comfortable and they are indeed lifetime saws. What a stupid thing to print “Traditional Skew Back” on the saw plate in this way. Well, the reason is you must read between the lines. It does not tell you anything on the plate about the size of the teeth or where it’s made or whether it’s a rip or crosscut.For £22 delivered free the saw is very inexpensive. The result was a beautiful straight cut with non of the problematic jarring you often get with thin materials like this.On the sleeve the one-size-fits-all-purposes is disgusting at best.

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These saws are quite lovely now that I have sharpened them.

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