Dating antique chairs

Stacking them horizontally in larger numbers could cause damage to the books' spines.Never store antique books in direct sunlight or in rooms where florescent lights are kept on for long periods of time.

If the wooden shelves are not sealed with a protective lacquer finish, line them with acid free board to protect them from acid vapors that are released from the wood. Packing them in very tightly may cause damage when you are removing a book.The perfect temperature for antique book storage is between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.Rapid changes in humidity or temperature can damage the books.Before using a wooden bookcase to store your books make sure to thoroughly coat the case with polyurethane lacquer or other similar finish.Allow the coating to dry for at least three weeks before placing your books inside the bookcase.

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Both of these types of light have high levels of ultraviolet radiation which promotes paper decay and fading.

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