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Davies has played one-day and Twenty20 cricket for England since making his debut in 2009.13 (11) Simon Hughes Deputy leader, Lib Dems Outside government, but influential as Nick Clegg's deputy and the "conscience" of his party.Kept his sexuality private for years until he was outed by The Sun.She says: "I've had pupils say, 'Miss, are you trying to turn us gay?' and I ask them, 'Do you turn black during Black History Month or Turkish during Turkish month?

get over it."4 (judge) Clare Balding Broadcaster Last year's Pink List judge is as easy fronting events as she was formidable in responding a year ago to A A Gill's teeth-grindingly backwards description of her as a "dyke on a bike" when reviewing her BBC 4 show Britain by Bike.

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She is also a classically trained pianist.11 (13) Christopher Bailey Chief creative officer, Burberry Alongside two powerful women, chief executive Angela Ahrendts and finance director Stacey Cartwright, Bailey has turned Burberry into one of the darlings of the UK-listed sector – as well as the fashion scene.

Its share price has more than quadrupled since the start of 2009.

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Bailey, as part of the team that moved Burberry away from associations with downmarket rip-offs of its famous check, is credited with turning the brand into one of the most desired British design houses, popular in the Far East and Europe.12 (new entry) Steven Davies Cricketer Steven Davies became the first international cricketer to announce he is gay.

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