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Much to my shock, she told me Jordan was the number one contender, noting he was over-qualified.

I became nervous – Jordan was back in my head, 10 years later. Even though we weren’t teenagers anymore, he was capable of making me look bad without laying a hand on me.

He hadn’t changed much since high school – he still had his preppy looks, and he was still an asshole.

When I reached out my hand to shake his, he smacked my cheek a few times and ruffled my hair.

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With him as my assistant, the idea was that I could get “revenge” for all the bullying Jordan put me through, in a ‘ her and to ask why Jordan never showed up for work, as I waited all morning for him to arrive in my office.

I felt like his sidekick while we walked around, even though I was his boss.Get Your Hotwife or Girlfriend Dressed Up Because It's Time to Play!I shined Jordan’s shoes as fast as I could, knowing I also had to pick up his dry cleaning. We all agreed that I shouldn’t accompany them to the party, but Jordan threw me a bone and allowed me to drive him there. He and his buddy Dominick weren’t tough guys by any means, they were more on the preppy side, but they certainly gave me my share of humiliation, which included multiple swirlies, wedgies, and locker stuffing incidents. It all ended after we graduated, but much to my surprise, 10 years later, Jordan applied for a job at the company my wife and I worked at. The plan was to hire someone as my assistant, as my administrative tasks weren’t being delegated properly.We didn’t talk to each other while together very much, it was strictly professional.Still, I was a little nervous around him, almost waiting for him to do something to embarrass me.

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